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Related post: Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 09:11:17 EDT From: INSILVA92aol.com Subject: The Real Garage Mechanic part 7THIS IS A GAY FANTASY. IF IT IS ILLEGAL FOR YOU TO READ IT FOR ANY REASON PLEASE LEAVE NOW. THE CHARACTERS AND EVENTS ARE FICTICIOUS. THE SEX WILL BE UNPROTECTED. PLEASE PRACTISE SAFE SEX. Dad remarked on what a nice petite nude nymphets car Mr. Dev nn nymphet had, I detected a trace of envy in his voice, Dad only had an old mini, and we went back inside. We watched some TV, one of the programmes had an interview with Omar Sharif whom we both agreed Mr. Dev looked like. When I went to bed I resisted the temptation to wank off, I'd got an idea that I'd be having a lot of sex tomorrow, and I wanted to save all my spunk until then. I dropped off fairly quickly and awoke at eight-thirty feeling fully refreshed. We had breakfast and after I'd been to the lavatory I used the douche bottle then showered as Dad packed. ukrain nymphet In case he checked I put a pair of pyjamas into my sports-bag along with a couple of pairs of underpants, but I didn't think I'd be wearing them. I added a pair of clean shorts, a couple of T-shirts and my toilet-bag. Because my cock was stiff and I didn 't want to wear my Speedos to hide it I pulled the chord from an old pair of pyjamas and tied it around myself trapping my throbbing cock against my belly. I pulled a baggy T-shirt over my head then put on a baggy pair of shorts, my pair of pumps finished my outfit. As we waited for Mr. Dev Dad gave me a fiver and told me to have a good time and enjoy myself, and reminded me to youngest teen nymphets be a good boy and to do everything Mr. Dev told me to do. I certainly meant to do that I thought. The Jag pulled up at ten-fifty, just as Dad was starting china nymphet to worry. We walked to the car as Mr. Dev got out, he shook hands with Dad and tousled my hair and I felt my cock twitch. He was wearing a dark blue suit and white shirt and blue tie. His dark skin was highlighted by the shirt, he looked very handsome. As I stood by his side I realised he nymphets 11yo was much bigger than Frank, he made me look really small beside him, well I was only 14. He put Dad's suitcase in the back along with my duffle-bag. Eagerly I asked if I could ride in front and they both laughed at me, before Mr. Dev tousled my hair again and told me of course I could. As Dad got in the back Mr. Dev held the passenger door open for me, he sort of pushed my bottom when I got in, sending another thrill through my body. I was pleased that Dad nymphet children didn't seem to notice anything untoward regarding Mr. Dev touching me. As we drove Dad and Mr. Dev chatted, I was fascinated with the car and was studying the dashboard and running my hands over the black leather upholstery. Mr Dev drove very well and I admired his big hands and long thick fingers as he held the steering wheel. We were going through a posh area close to the station when Mr. Dev pulled over. "That's my house." He said. He pointed out a large house at the end of a long drive. I whistled and croaked. "Crikey Sir it's massive!" "Five bedrooms and only my wife and I in it now that my son sexe nymphette teens is in the USA at university. That's why we have my nephews and nieces over such a lot." As Mr. Dev pulled away I turned to my Dad, the look on his face said it all. "What a brilliant house Dad, did you like it?" "Yes son, looks like I'll have to go into the grocery business." Mr. Dev chuckled. "My father was a doctor, he left it to me when he went back home to India to retire." We got to the station just as Dad's train was pulling in so we had a brief goodbye and he was gone. Mr. Dev and I got back into the car and Mr. Dev openly ran his big left young nymphets childs hand up and down my thigh, squeezing it and making me wriggle about a bit, my cock, which had softened a little, became stiff instantly. There was nobody around thankfully, but I was surprised at Mr. Dev's words. "You've got beautiful skin Paul, so soft and silky smooth, why don't you take your shorts off so that I can get a good look at you, see if you're excited to be alone with me." "Er … um." My voice breaking as I stammered out a reply. "Somebody will see me." I protested. "Nonsense Paul, there's no one around, and you can always let your T-shirt hang over your lap to cover yourself up if anyone passes us when I'm driving." I was turned on by the thought of sitting half naked in the car so I quickly pushed my shorts down and kicked them off my feet, then I removed the pyjama chord so that my stiff little cock sprang free, and I pulled my T-shirt up to my nipples. Mr. Dev ran his big brown hand over my nipples, chest and belly. "Mmmmmm, what a beautiful little cock, all stiff and ready nymphet angels pics to go, and what a lovely young body you have. I suppose the chord was to hide your hard cock from your Dad." I blushed and nodded yes as Mr. Dev continued to stare at my cock and body, I noticed the gleam of lust in his eyes. I was getting more turned on by Mr. Dev than Frank or Steve, he seemed gentler, kinder, and he called me by my name which I liked. I guessed that sex with him would be different to sex with Frank sexy little nymphetes child nymphet models and Steve, all that name calling and the new physicality was beginning to bore me. He reached down, grasped my cock and pushed my foreskin back, 8 yo nymphets galleries I produced a pearl of precum which he collected with his thumb and put it in his mouth. "Mmmmmm," he drooled, "nothing tastes as good as young boy. I hope your spunk tastes good too, and your little bum-hole." I was bright red with embarrassment by now, but also very turned on, Mr. Dev was a handsome man and I was flattered by his attentions. Mr. Dev let go off my cock pics nymphets top and started the car up and drove out of the station. I noticed we were going a different naked russian nude nymphets way and mentioned it to Mr. Dev. "Don't ukrainian angel nymphets worry Paul, were going to go somewhere a lot better than nymphet litte my house, somewhere where we can really enjoy ourselves. You're not frightened are you." "No Sir, you're an old friend of Frank's and I trust him implicitly." When we turned onto a motorway he got me to drop my T-shirt so that my drooling cock was hidden from magic nymphets preview view. The car was an automatic and he drove it effortlessly, occasionally letting go of the steering wheel with his left hand and playing around with my cock as we drove along. He also rubbed his big hand over my belly and toyed with my balls, and after telling me to raise up he even managed to cup and squeeze my bum cheeks. He stuck his 101 nymphet long, thick middle finger into my mouth. His voice was deep, melodious, mesmerising. "Wet my finger Paul, I want to push it up into your bottom." I blushed again but eagerly fresh nymphettes pics coated his finger with my saliva. "The road's relatively clear so raise off the seat and pull your arse cheeks apart." I did as I was told nymphet boy photos and I felt his finger tip against my tiny pucker. "Sit on my finger Paul." I pushed down, giving a little 12 years nymphet nude gasp as his finger penetrated past my sphincter, until I was impaled on the thick digit. He started to move it around inside my warm moist channel, all the time telling me what a beautiful young boy I was. I pedo nude nymphets was really turned on by his words and the attention he was giving cute nymphets angels my body. My cock was oozing precum as he probed and stroked my channel walls. This went on for several minutes until he told me to lift off the intruding digit, I did so very reluctantly. He stuck his finger into his mouth and noisily sucked on it. "Mmmmm Paul," he almost purred, "that was delicious. I can't wait to get my tongue up there!" Then he put his hand under my T-shirt and began to toss my cock and I had to gasp out. "If you keep that up Sir I'll cum." He stopped tossing my cock, put his hand back on the steering wheel and glanced at me. "We don't want you messing the car up do we Paul? And we don't want to waste any of your lovely young boycum either do we?" "No Sir." I stammered, a bit disappointed that he hadn't finished me off and disappointed that his finger wasn't still up my bum. He began to chat and asked me how much did I like the things I did with Frank and Steve. nymphetteens I was a bit embarrassed, but I told him I really liked it, that I loved the taste of cum and I really liked having a cock up my bum. Then he asked me if Frank and Steve had ever took photos while we were having sex. I told him no, so he asked me if I'd mind someone camila model nymphets taking pictures today and tomorrow, they'd only be for him, Frank, and Steve to see here in England, but they would be sent to child nymphets naked Asia, diaper nymphets so no one I knew would see them. I thought a bit and told him I'd probably be too embarrassed. He reached into the glove compartment and took out a bottle of tablets. "These are prescribed to help me relax. Another young boy, who, like yourself, was very self-conscious used to take two to give him confidence when we had our little orgies. You can have two if you like," he pointed into the compartment, "there's a bottle of squash in there to wash them down with. Frank knows all about the tablets, he was with me and the boy lots of times when the boy used them." I considered Mr. Dev's words, I wanted to enjoy myself as much as possible, he 'd said orgies so I guessed there'd be other men involved the thought of which gave me an extra thrill. And they'd be seeing and using my body which I enjoyed, and Frank knew all about it, so what were a few photos that were going to go abroad? "OK Sir." I said taking the tablets from him and reaching for wild nymphets ranchi the squash, "I' ll have a couple." I shook two tablets into nude nymphet virgins my hand and took them, sweet nymphets portal followed by a long drink of squash. Of course nearly twenty years on I know I was being drugged, but at the time all I wanted was sex with Mr Dev and whoever else was going to be there. "Good boy Paul, you nymphets pussy free won't regret it. You can finish the bottle if you like." After girl nasty nymphet a few minutes I felt myself relaxing and blowjob nymphets my cock seemed to get even stiffer, the squash tasted good so I continued drinking it until it was all gone. I found out later from nymphet 12yo Steve that the squash had contained a powerful aphrodisiac. As well as relaxing me the tablets seemed to embolden me. "When can I see and feel your cock Sir?" He chuckled. "It seems the tablets are working then. You'll see my Indian elephant soon enough, we turn off here." He indicated a left turn and we left the motorway, taking a deserted road running through some fields. "We'll be going into an Industrial Estate in a couple of minutes Paul. There' s a security guard on duty and I don't want him to see you, so I want you to take off your T-shirt and put it and your shorts into your bag, then get that car rug from the 13 yo nymphet back seat and lie on the floor and I'll cover you with the rug." I complied and reached for the bag and rug as Mr. Dev ran his hand lovingly over my exposed buttocks. "Mmmm, you've got a beautiful bum Paul. Give me the rug, hold your bag to your chest and kneel sideways in the well with your bum facing me." When I was nymphet underwear models in position Mr. Dev arranged the rug over me, then I gasped as he pushed his finger back petite nymphets tgp inside my bum-hole. When he started wiggling it about I giggled, then began to moan as he gently finger fucked me. "Ssshhh!" he admonished. I had to force myself to be quiet. The car turned and braked and a voice greeted him, he answered back and then we drove off again. We stopped after a couple of minutes and I heard metal shutters being raised before we drove forwards to come to a standstill and Mr Dev pulled his finger from my bum and turned the engine off. "Stay where you are Paul." I heard him exit the car, then my door opened and he scooped me up in his strong arms and carried me off. All I could see from under the rug was a concrete floor, until he paused, opened a door and we entered a carpeted room. He set me down and removed the rug, I put my bag down and looked around. We nymphet free photos were in a reception area, there was a desk with a cute nymphets nude phone, a chair either side of the desk, and a filing cabinet. There was a door behind the desk and another in the corner. Along one wall were a row of clothes hooks with various clothes hanging from them. I looked up, the room had no ceiling, I could see the factory roof high above me. "Any good at acting Paul?" "I think so, I like it and take part in all the plays at school, why?" "Well, this part of the unit is set up a bit like a film set, that's why there's no ceiling to any of the rooms. And it enables us to mount strong lights for the pictures. We'd like to act out an examination scene set in a Doctor' s surgery. There's no need for a script, the sound will be dubbed later, but to help nymphets in water you along we'll improvise, but if you need to ask a question feel free, we're not recording sound remember. There will lttle nymphets be myself, who you can call Sir and another man who you can call Dr. erotic nymphet drawings K to save anyone getting confused. There will be two men with camcorders who you must try to totally ignore unless they give you an instruction, it makes it more "natural" if you can forget the camera." I interrupted, "Camcorders Sir? You said photographs." "No Paul, I said taking pictures. Is it a problem?" I considered for a couple of seconds, shrugged and replied. "Not really I suppose Sir, it's the same thing really. Er, this isn't a problem either Sir, I like older men playing with me, but I just wondered how old is Dr. K Sir." "Good I'm glad the photography's not a problem. Dr. K? he's 30, and before you ask I'm 46. Now I'm going to go next door to change and set the scene up. I'm going to give you a costume to change into, and when you hear me shout " Next!" I want you to come through the door behind the desk. We'll give you a minute to familiarise yourself and then we'll start filming" Mr. Dev took a hanger angel nymphets teens of clothes from a clothes hook and handed it to me. "Your costume Paul, you can leave your pumps on, and remember, improvise and try to forget the cameras are there." With that he went out of the door in the corner. I took the clothes off the hanger and put them on the desk, there were a pair of white nymphs panty girls y-fronts, a pair of grey flannel shorts, a white shirt and a school tie. I was so horny I wondered if I'd got time for a quick wank, it felt like my balls were fit to burst and my little cock was as hard as it had ever been, if not harder. I knew that I' d cum with just a few tosses. Then I came to my senses, realising that a) Mr. Dev would know from the state of my cock, and b) I'd probably get a real bollocking, so I began to dress. nymphets porno free The y-fronts were too small and my cock bulged out obscenely and no sooner had I little nymphet movies put them on than my cock oozed precum and produced a tell-tale stain. I shrugged, it was probably what Mr. Dev wanted anyway. I put the shirt and tie on next and finished off with lolly shy nymphets the shorts. I was so horny I couldn't wait nymphets schoolgirls for the sex to start. I didn't have to wait long, about two minutes after I'd finished dressing there was a shout from behind the door. "NEXT!" I moved to the door, I suppose I was a bit apprehensive, the hornynymphets acting and all, but mainly I was horny. I opened the door and went in, taking in my surroundings russian teens nymphets as I closed the door behind me. The room was about the same size as the other one. Facing me was a desk, Mr. Dev was sat behind it and stood by his side was a much darker Indian, thin and 5ft 10 tall, he had long black hair. They were both wearing white nylon smock type shirts with watches pinned to the breasts, and white nylon trousers, the type nymphets terra you put on over your proper trousers. But Mr. K was naked under his, and I guessed Mr. Dev was too. I knew that because the fly of Dr. K's trousers was partly open exposing the dark skin of his thigh, allstar nymphets nude the covered side showed a big bulge. They both had stethoscopes around their necks. There was nymphet child sex a door and then away from the wall, an adjustable, green leather, examination table. To my right there pre nymphets teens was a small table with camera paraphernalia on it. Stood by it were two guys who must have been twins, they were identical. I'd put their age world nymphet model in the 60's, they were about 6ft tall, average build, and they had longish white hair and were wearing safari shirts and shorts. They had thin white hairless legs. Around their necks were a variety of instruments and they each held a large, expensive looking camcorder. I nodded to them but they ignored me. "If you're ready Paul we'll start?" I nodded, I was too excited to talk. "Right Paul come over here and stand in front of my desk. This is Dr. K, he will be assisting me in your examination, he's new to paediatrics, and when he' s had some months practice he'll be going to be the sveta nymphs doctor at a hostel for delinquent boys back in India. nymphet websites While I explain your problem to him, you can get undressed down to your underwear, that includes removing your pumps." As I began to strip Mr. Dev continued talking to Dr. K. "Paul's father contacted me, he's worried about the boy's sexuality. On a recent camping weekend together, they were in separate tents, he heard Paul wanking himself off at least six times both nights. So the second day he kept an eye on him and whenever Paul "went to the toilet" in the woods he followed, and Paul always had a wank after finishing. He wanked four times during the day. The night they got home after Paul had gone to bed, his dad listened at the door, and sure enough he wanked off again. His dad couldn't stay by the door all night, but he'd heard and seen enough to be worried." As nymphet porno photos I'd undressed I'd listened fascinated to the story, imaging me doing all that and my Dad watching. It never occurred to me that there was an awful lot of dialogue for film that was going to be dubbed, I was totally relaxed mentally by video nymphets now, and totally unembarrassed. When Dr. Dev finished I was stood in front of the desk in just nymphet gallery x my too tight y-fronts and there top 50 nymphets photo was a large wet stain at the end of my outlined cock. Mr. Dev looked over at me. "You see Dr. K? He's leaking precum like a tap! Take off your nymphets forced to model y-fronts Paul and place them on my desk." I did as I was told and my little cock sprang up as soon as I nymphets naked galleries peeled them off. It was throbbing and my foreskin peeled back it was nymphet archive so stiff, of course I was still leaking precum. Mr. Dev picked up my y-fronts when I placed them on his desk. He held them to his nose where they were precum soaked and inhaled deeply. Then he licked the wet patch. "Mmmmm boy smell. You'd better get used to it too Dr. K." He passed them over and Dr. K did the same thing sighing after he'd finished. "Right Paul," ordered Mr. Dev, "hop up onto the examination table and lay down flat on your back." When I was settled Mr Dev rose from his desk and they came and stood either side of me by my flagpole cock. Dr K's bulge was about an inch above the table and I could just make out the outline of what looked like a big thick cock and a pair of tight balls; there was a precum stain where his knob was. Mr. Dev's cock was outlined across and down his thigh and he'd got artnymphets a precum stain too. My cock twitched and throbbed. I was getting so carried away I'd totally forgotten the twins who I now noticed were busy recording the whole proceedings. I glanced up to free nymphet thumbnails the elite nymphets nude top of the wall opposite and I was sure there was another camcorder clipped to the wall photos of underground nymphets between the powerful studio lights. I risked a look back and could just make one out on top of the opposite wall. So there would be full length pictures from either end of my young boy's body as I lay prone on innocent pussy nymphet the table while the two older men abused me. All that was forgotten as Mr. Dev took hold of my cock with a finger and thumb. He pulled tiny nymphets my foreskin fully back and squeezed my shaft, obviously I oozed some precum. "Now we're going to taste the boy's precum Dr. K. You need to know what a randy young boy's precum tastes like." He leaned over and took my whole knob into his mouth and he ran his tongue over my knob collecting my precum, then he lifted off, smacking his lips. I lay there and moaned. "Your turn now Dr. K." Mr Dev squeezed my shaft again as Dr. K's warm, wet mouth enveloped my knob and he lapped up my precum. He squeezed my shaft again to give Dr. K an extra taste. When Dr. K lifted up I was actually trembling with lust as well as moaning softly. My whole body was tingling, and my cock was ready to explode, I wanted desperately to cum. Mr. Dev let go of my quivering cock. "Well Paul, from the state of lollita nymphets child porno you I think you're ready to cum aren't you?" "Yes Sir, please!" nymphets in school uniform I managed to gasp in a reedy, squeaky voice. "You may have nymphets pubescent the honour Dr. K, you need to learn how to masturbate young boys." Dr. K placed two long, bony fingers and a thumb around my little cock, angling it slightly towards my head, and started to toss me off. He'd only done half a dozen strokes when I groaned, my nymphet dirty body stiffened and a jet of boycum shot from nude bbs angels nymphets my cock went high in the air, and landed on my nose, lips and chin. I lapped up what I could reach with my tongue. The next four jets landed all over my body and as Dr. K continued to toss my cock two more shots oozed from my cock-slit and ran down my shaft and over Dr. K's hand. When no more cum was forthcoming Dr. K stopped tossing me and started to lick his hand clean. "Well done Dr. K, get to know what a horny young boy's cum tastes like, in fact why don't you tongue his body clean while erotic underage nymphets I wank him off again. Young boys like Paul can always cum at least twice in quick succession. nymphet tgp pay sites Notice his sweet little cock is as stiff as it was when you started tossing it off." Knowing Mr. Dev was going to toss me off again sent a thrill through my body. I looked at Dr. K's groin and saw that his cock was stiff now and his torpedo shaped cut knob and an inch of shaft were poking from his fly. The knob was a deep purple, glistening with precum, there was a red circumcision scar and his shaft was dark brown. It looked like his cock was nymphet images link post a thicker than nude little nymphets Frank's. I turned my head as Mr. Dev grasped my cum sticky shaft; his cock was still in his pants, but now it lay across and slightly up the top of his leg, there was a large, wet, cum stain. "His boycum tastes wonderful Dr. D, but he's such a messy young boy, shouldn' t we undress before we stain our uniforms pure nymphet any more?" Dr. K's voice was a little high and sing-songy. "What a good idea Dr. K." Mr Dev released my cock and they began to undress. I didn't mind that I wasn' t being wanked, I desperately wanted to see their naked bodies and hard cocks. They were both naked in seconds, Mr. Dev was little nymphet blowjob well built, but not fat. underage nymphets photos He had a hairy chest with a few grey hairs sprinkled amongst the black ones. His arms and legs were hairy and from a mass of black pubic hair, his big cut, veiny cock stood out proudly. It was the biggest I'd seen live yet fresh nymphets forum at 9 inches long, and maybe very slightly thicker than free videos of nymphets Frank's. The flared purple knob with a long cock-slit was followed by a jagged, pink circumcision scar, and the shaft was a pale brown colour slightly darker than his skin. I licked my licks and turned to look at Dr K who was grinning down at me. His cock was a good 7-1/2 inches long and, as I said, thicker than Frank's. He was very dark skinned, thin, but erotic nymphets his body looked hard, and he'd shaved all his body hair off including his pubes which made his cock look even bigger. "Adjust the table Dr. K, then when you've eaten all his boycum you can see how it feels to have a young boy's mouth around your cock." With that Mr. Dev started to toss me off again, as Dr K fiddled with young nymphet country girls some controls and the head of the table lowered until my head tilted back. Then he started to lap up my boycum starting with my face and working down nude skinny nymphets my body, worrying my erect nipples with his teeth as he went past. I was really turned on again and my second orgasm was fast approaching as Mr. Dev expertly wanked my cock, my still abundant precum making it ridiculously easy for him. Dr. K had lapped top nymphets naked up all the boycum from my body and he came and stood by my head, cock in hand pointing toward my mouth. I didn't need telling, I opened my mouth wide and he fed little nymphets nude rompl me his knob and an inch or so of shaft. I started to suck his cock and was rewarded with the taste of his precum which trickled down my throat. He reached forwards and started to play with free video nymphets my erect nipples, while Mr. Dev continued to wank my cock, playing with my balls with his free hand. I was becoming more and more worked up, and in my lust I reached behind me, grabbed a hard, surprisingly well muscled arse cheek in each hand and pulled towards my head so that more of Dr. K's 7-1/2 cut cock cherry list nymphets was forced into my mouth. I was writhing around as my senses reeled with all the wonderful sensations I was experiencing, my whole body a tingle like one gigantic cock, and I deliberately forced more of Dr. K's cock into my mouth and then gagging only once I forced it down my throat. "My goodness," gasped Dr. K, "the little bugger's swallowed my cock." I was swallowing hard as Dr. K began to gently fuck my throat with short one inch strokes. I was loving it, because of the aphrodisiac I wanted cock and more cock, wherever, down my throat, up my bum, in my hand. Mr. Dev was squeezing my balls even harder and he nymphet forum bbs nymphs porn schoolgirl pussy nymphets quickened his wanking until, muffled of course, I groaned and shouted as my second load sped through my tubes and once again shot up in the nymphet lesbian air and landed on my sweat covered, heaving, little-boy's body. As I started cumming I swallowed and country nymphets sucked even harder on Dr. K's throbbing cock, I wanted to eat his cum so badly. I came teenie russian nymphet six times and just as the last load of cum dribbled from my cock-slit and ran down my stiff shaft Dr. K pulled back from my throat until his knob was back in my mouth. "Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yessss!" he gasped squeezing my nipples even harder. A jet of hot, thick nymphet porn thumb mancum hit the back of my throat, it tasted strong and salty and I started swallowing it straight away. Dr. K was cumming so much that my mouth began to fill up with his cum and I actually gagged and some came down my nose. When he'd finished I held onto his nymphet fotos buttocks to keep his knob in my mouth while I cleaned it up, he'd released my nipples and he squeezed his shaft to give me the last drops of his mancum. Mr. Dev meantime was cleaning my boycum from my body, his tongue tickling my over-sensitive body. End of part seven. Any constructive comments to Paul at INSILVA92aol.com Copyright 2006. You will find a list of my other stories posted on _www.nifty.org_ (http://www.nifty.org/) Click on Prolific Authors, and scroll down to INSILVA. Click on that for the list.
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